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Do you want to learn in a playful way how to create a content strategy that truly speaks to your audience? 

This workshop is the space you need to experiment and create content using a unique tool: the Creative Content Kit.


Experimenting and prototyping are frequent in Design,

and not so looked at from a content creation perspective.

Design Thinking is a non - linear process to understand users, redefine problems and create innovative solutions that will be prototyped and tested. 


The Creative Content Kit is equally a way of thinking, but applied to content. It is a bit different from what the Content Marketing discipline suggests.


The goal is to understand audiences, explore why you or your business connect to them, define content, and finally, create a plan of ideas that can be prototyped and tested.


The kit was created connecting design principles to my research about ‘The System of Publishing’, which is an example that shows how publishers have been curating content and trading content for centuries.


Content is powerful to start a conversation, to connect with people and create community. Content is a way of saying what you are willing to give to your audience in exchange for their attention and trust.  


During this workshop we will navigate through the four-steps so you will understand in depth the tools available to create affective and effective content strategy. 


You will receive the deck of 65 cards that provides a helpful visual structure to ease communication between us during the workshop, and later when you are planning alone, with your team and clients. 

It is for all content creators, professionals and non-specialists to ideate, test and create solutions. 

See below how it will work and what is included. 



How it will work?

Duration: We will have 4 meetings of 2 hours each every 

Tuesday evening, from 5pm to 7pm

Location: The meetings will happen on Zoom and you will receive access to Miro, an interactive digital white board for us to collaborate. 

Level: This workshop is perfect for those with some to medium level of experience with content and digital devices. We will have a 15 min chat before you book it, so together we can figure out if this is the right experience for you. 

We will be a group of 10 people interest in content creation coming from different backgrounds. 

Screenshot 2020-07-03 at 11.36.59.png
Screenshot 2020-07-03 at 11.37.18.png
Screenshot 2020-07-03 at 11.37.28.png
Back Cards Workshop2.jpg

The time we will invest in each step is divided according to the length necessary to experiment it. Prototyping is part of every stage, and you will receive tips and tools that you can use to create content.


This workshop is very experiential.

Be prepared to create.


At the end of the workshop, you will have your content strategy and at least one piece of content - it will depend on how much you want to produce as an outcome. 

In between sessions I am offering 30 minutes weekly if you want to discuss your ideas before moving to the next step.

I am also offering one extra hour of mentoring on your project once the workshop is finished. 

 Places limited to 10 

See bellow more details and book your place now!

Last day for booking:  25th of August  

You will receive a 'Creative Pack' at your doormat before the starting date. For this reason, booking last minute will not be possible. 

The pack includes: 

01 Creative Content Kit 

01 set of 04 colours post-it's 

01 notebook 

01 black sharpie 

01 digital template for download


and the delivery tax is included.

The method we will work is in the Creative Content Kit. 

The kit is a four-step process and each stage contains a set of cards with design tools, methods, content types, platforms and tools. 

Place your mouse over the cards to see what will be covered in each step: 

“(...) mastery of a creative tool means that an individual can invest the world with meaning, and thereby enrich the environment with the fruits of their vision.”

David Gauntlett - Making is Connecting


About Ana Bender

Hi, I am Ana Bender :)


I am a Content Strategist with a background in Education and  Strategic Design. I am the author of the Creative Content Kit, the method we will be exploring during this workshop. 


In my early career qualitative research, education and entrepreneurship walked alongside. 

Everything that you see here grew out of my passion for creativity, my crafting skills and background in strategic design.


I am interested in the process of designing ideas into content experiences and helping businesses to reach their audiences. 

What does it mean? Means I like to look to ideas and make them meaningful to people. I love the process of crafting a concept and turning it into something concrete and real. 

If you want to know more about the workshop, drop me a message. I am happy to answer your questions. 

 Ana B. 


Book your place 

04 meetings

8 hours


5pm - 7pm


01 Creative Pack 

01 Creative Content Kit

01 Set of 4 colours Post-It's

01 Notebook

01 Black Sharpie


30 min meeting per week.

01 hour exclusive mentoring about your project

8th / 15th 22nd / 29th

of September



Creative Content Kit in 1 minute

Creative Content Kit in 30 minutes

Places limited to 10 

Last day for booking

25th of August  

Drop me a message: